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Brief Introduction to Yueyang Vocational Technical College

Yueyang Vocational Technical College is a comprehensive higher vocational college in Hunan Province, which is sponsored by Yueyang Municipal Government and whose operation is supervised by the Education Department of Hunan Province. It was formally founded in April 2003 by combining the former Yueyang Medical School, Yueyang Agriculture School, Yueyang Mechanical and Electrical School, and Yueyang Vocational College for Staff and Workers. In 2006, the college was granted “Excellent” during the National Evaluation of Talents Cultivation in Higher Vocational College. In 2011, our college successfully passed the second round of the National Evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education. Our college was awarded Hunan Provincial Demonstrative Higher Vocational College in 2012 and Outstanding Higher Vocational College in 2016. In 2018, it became the 3rd batch of the experimental spots of modern apprentice system. In 2019, our college became the “double ten top” colleges of higher vocation in Hunan in terms of students and education management, “Premium Junior Higher Vocational Colleges”, and was granted the qualification of recruiting international students. Meanwhile, we are one of the high level vocational colleges admitted National Education Ministry. The college is a national 3A level scenery spot covering an area of more than 700000 square meters with its building area of 300000 square meters, and the total value of college permanent assets amounts to 0.69 billion yuan. The college includes 8 secondary schools, i.e. The Nursing School, The Medical School, The Electromechanical Engineering School, The Trade and Logistics School, The Information Engineering School, The Biological and Environmental Engineering School, The International Education School, and The Social Training School, and two public educational section, i.e. the Section of Basic Medicine and the Section of Public Fundamentals, and runs 28 vocational majors. It owns 3 secondary corporate bodies, which are agriculture and science center, affiliated hospital (Yueyang Aikang Hospital), and Guotai Sunshine Nursing Home (Training Center for Gerontological Nursing). There are six research institutes, namely Vocational Education, Gerontological Nursing, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, Application Technology, Folk Culture of Zhang Guying Village, and Yueyang Modern Logistics Industry Development Institute. There are more than 800 members of college staff (among which 40 teachers are professors and 232 teachers are associate professors, 257 teachers have master degrees or doctor degrees, and the number of “double-qualified” teachers accounts for 92%). Now more than 16000 full-time students are studying in the college.

Yueyang Vocational Technical College has adapted actively to develop talented students with applied competence to meet the needs of social development since its establishment in 2003. The college is in line with the school motto of “making study serve the practical purpose” carrying out the school philosophy of “morality cultivation, knowledge application; quality foremost, distinction first”. The college sticks to the operative model of “government-led, industry involved, college linkage, enterprises embedded”. The college is based on the thought of professional establishment like “Majors are relied on industries, while well-operated majors can promote industries”, and “based on profession, connected to industries, fixed in vocation, serving employment”, the major chain is deeply integrated into the industry chain while the education chain is deeply integrated into serving chain. The college is run by integrating with enterprises, talents cultivation is based on the combination of profession and education, over 80 thousand talents with high-tech skills have been cultivated, the graduates are quite welcomed by the employers, the employment rate is keeping above over 95%, offering powerful talents support and technical service for the economic construction and social development. From 2016-2019, when the students participated National Vocational Technical Competition, the nursing major has won the first class award for 3 years in a row and won the second class award for one year, the major of applied software technique has won the first class award for 2 years and the second class award for two years. The students majoring in clinical medicine won the first prize in 2018, and subsequently won the first, second, and third prizes in 2019. The delegation of our college participated the National College Students Youth Health Stage Dram Competition in 2018, and won the first class award with the first rank of marks. Many mainstream media, including Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, Guangming Daily, HNETV, Hunan Daily, Yueyang Daily, Hunan Economy TV, Yueyang TV, People’s Net, New Hunan, Red Net, reported the progress of development and educational experience of our college for many times.

In recent years, our college has been awarded for over 30 national or provincial level honors, including: “National Demonstration College of Campus Culture Construction”, “ National May 4th Red-banner Youth League”, “Civilized College of Hunan Province”, “Safe College of Hunan Province”, “Advanced Unit of Occupation Skill Appraisal in Hunan Province”, “Advanced Unit of Vocational Education and Adult Education in Hunan Province”, “Advanced Unit of Scientific Research in Hunan Province”, “Excellent Unit of Supervising ‘The First Hand Project’ of Employment and Running Business Work in Average Higher Schools in Hunan Province”. It has also become the training base for over 20 projects, including “Training Base for National Skill-oriented Talents in Shortage”, “The Only Training Base of National Recreation Facilities Industry Alliance”, “Vocational College Training Base for Migrant Workers”, “Training Base of Wealth-making Leaders from Poor Villages in Hunan Province”, “Localizing Training Base of Rural Doctors in Hunan Province”, “Demonstration Base of Business Personnel Training in Hunan Province”. It is also “Spreading Base of Social Sciences in Hunan Province”, “Research Base of Vocational Humanistic Quality Education in Hunan Province”, “Excellent Cultivating College for Localized Talents Cultivation of Rural Doctors in the Whole Province in 2017/2018 Academic Year”, “Outstanding Training Base of National Vocational Skills Competition in Hunan Province” both in 2018 and 2019, and the only Examiner College of Nursing Skills Assessment in Hunan Province.

In order to manifest the educational characteristics and build the brand for development, based on the college advantages, while focusing on massive health industry, our college has adjusted the specialty distribution integrating into governmental policies of “Healthy China 2030” and “Made in China 2025”. Optimized resources are allocated to 6 main major groups including gerontological health care service, community health care service, manufacture and maintenance of health care equipment, circulation service in health industry, health agriculture service, and health information service. Three unique professions of gerontological health care service, community health care service, manufacture and maintenance of health care equipment have been constructed highlighting our health care service cluster and forming distinguished major system. A developing college brand with distinctive features is successfully structured, and cultivation base of health industry talents is formed boosting the development of relevant industry. In 2014, the cluster of health service professions was set up as a demonstrative and featured profession in Hunan Province. In 2018, three key major groups, i.e. geriatric health service, community health service, and manufacture and maintenance of health equipment were established as the constructive programs of first ranked characterized major groups of Hunan higher vocational education. In 2019, the nursing teaching group has been entitled the first national-level innovative team for vocational education teaching and the excellent teaching team. Our Nursing School took the lead to establish the National Cultivation Base of Midwifery Personnel and Cooperative Alliance of Maternity and Child Care in Primary Hospitals. We united 34 vocational colleges and 12 hospitals jointly constructing teaching resources database of vocational midwifery profession, which has been selected both as provincial and national professional teaching resources database in 2019.

Our college sticks to the development of connotation, strengthens the development of characteristics, emphasizes the development of humanity, consecutively raises the level of education, and cultivates the core competitiveness of development. Now it is making efforts to approach the development goal of building a high-level vocational college of “distinctive characteristics, the domestic first-rate and international fame”.